Selected Publications


Exploring the Island. (Charlottetown: P.E.I. Department of Education, 2007). Fiction and informational text created as Island history course, now in use in all grade six classes in P.E.I.

L'Île-du-Prince-Édouard: une histoire à dé couvrir, (Charlottetown: P.E.I. Department of Education, 2007).

A Prince Edward Island Christmas: Nowadays and Long Ago, with photographs by Wayne Barrett & Anne MacKay (Halifax: Nimbus Publishing, 2003), 144 pp.

Isuma Inuit Teacher's Resource Guide, accompanies the Isuma Inuit Reader and Isuma Culture Kit produced by Isuma Publishing, Montreal, 2004, 64pp.

A Century on Spring Street: Wanda Lefurgey Wyatt of Summerside, 1895-1998, (Charlottetown: Indigo Press, 1999). 496pp.

Discover Canada: Prince Edward Island (Toronto: Grolier Ltd., 1993; revised edition, 1996), 128pp., part of 14-volume series on provinces & territories of Canada, co-published with Children's Press (Chicago) 50-volume series on U.S. Also published as Decouverte Canada: Île-du-Prince-Édouard (Grolier, French edition of Discover Canada book, 1998).

Atlantic Canada in the Global Community (Toronto: Prentice Hall Ginn-Breakwater, 1998), co-authored with Crewe, McLean, Butt, et al., grade 9 textbook for Atlantic provinces.